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Williamsburg Junior Athletic Association

Williamsburg Junior Athletic Association


                                                                                                                                                                  WJAA Bylaws (updated May 2022)


The purpose of the Williamsburg Junior Athletic Association is to teach our young people the understanding of sportsmanship, Fair play, working together and the opportunity to fulfill some goals in their young lives and extend these ideals into adult careers.


1. Election of officers will be held in November of even-numbered years for 2-year terms. Positions voted in will be considered the voting board members: President, Executive Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, VP of Concessions, VP in charge of each sport (Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Basketball, Cheerleading, Volleyball, Wrestling), and Marketing. Executive board will consist of the President, Executive Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

                  A. Nominations will be taken for all elected positions in October.
                  B. Ballots will be handed out to all Qualified Voting members present at the October meeting.

2. In order to vote for any Board Member(s), you must have attended at least four (4) official WJAA monthly meetings from November-October of the election year. Effective 11/04

3. All Other Appointed Positions need to be filled by January Meeting – See Rule D. APPOINTED POSITIONS

                  A. Field Manager, Field Scheduler, Head of Umpires/Referees, VP of Fundraisers, & Managers/Coaches

1. President:

                  a. Will preside and control all association meetings
                  b. Will oversee all activities of the W.J.A.A. including assignment of Committees
                  c. Oversee selection of players on all W.J.A.A teams.
                  d. Uphold the rules & regulations of WJAA.
                  e. Negotiate and sign off on all documents, bank agreements and or loans in the best    interest of WJAA for future projects, land acquisitions, facility improvements and or upgrades which are approved beforehand unanimously by the executive officers. If Classified - Confidential collateral is needed then the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer will sign the loan                documents. 
                  f. Will be responsible for coach’s code of conduct contracts and background checks.

2. Executive Vice President:

                  a. Assumes responsibilities in the absence of the President.
                  b. Shall Chair the Discipline/Grievance Committee 1. See C. Committees
                  c. Will correspond with District Rep of each sport to determine equipment needed.
                  d. Will order any new items approved at the WJAA meetings (such as dirt, goals, paint, etc)
                  e. Will assume responsibilities of the kid’s glove fundraiser and equipment orders
                  f. Will be responsible for coach’s code of conduct contracts, NAYS memberships for all coaches (National Alliance for Youth Sports) and background checks.
                  I. See also I. Equipment

3. Secretary:

                  a. Record Association meeting minutes
                              - Bring necessary copies for each member to receive at the WJAA meetings.
                  b. Handles all correspondence
                  c. District Rep of sport to get Sign-Up Information
                  d. Send Flyers to school
                  e. Correspondence with Schools
                  f. Advertising (newspaper, posters, etc.)

4. Treasurer:

                  a. Collect all funds due to WJAA Classified - Confidential
                  b. Make disbursements as authorized/approved by the WJAA Board Members in accordance with the budget adopted by the association.

c. Including everyday expenses.
                  -  Keep a full & adequate account of receipts & expenditures
d. Submit a monthly statement (enough for every attending member) at every meeting of the association and at other times requested by any member of the organization.
e. Submit a year-end statement covering ALL receipts and expenditures.
                  - Brings necessary copies for each member to receive at the WJAA meetings.
                  - Sit on the budget Committee and help Prepare the budget of the WJAA.
f. Presented at January Meeting
                  - Maintain Budget throughout the year.
                  - Assume responsibility for all WJAA finances.
                  - All treasurers’ books will be audited at the end of each year by a C.P.A.
                  - At the end of each year, 5%-15% of the year-end balance in the main account should be put in a reserve account for savings. The percentage (5%-15%) will be voted on by the board each year based on what they can afford to put away. These savings funds cannot be used without a majority vote of the board. (*adopted 11-2014)
g. A copy should be presented at the January Meeting

5. Vice President of Concessions:

                  a. Oversee inventory of products being bought/sold
                  b. Keep track of money’s related to concessions, in a separate bank account, and report such to the Treasurer.
                  c. Together with the Field Scheduler, correspond with District Reps as to who has concession duty 1. Contacts concession worker     in case of rainouts/cancellations
                  d. Abide by all Board of Health rules & meet with them for inspections
                  e. Will close concession at the end of soccer season
                  f. Coordinate Concession maintenance
                  g. Transport all goods to Old H.S. for Basketball Concession.
                  h. In charge of winterizing and closing concession and the end of fall soccer. Classified - Confidential

6. Vice Presidents in charge of Each Sport: 

                  a. Oversees all responsibilities within that particular sport.
                  b. Attend all the meetings of WJAA and League Meetings as set forth in their rule book.
c. Vote on all league Matters
d. Take protest on sport matters from WJAA to district.
                  - Supply all the statistical information required by appropriate League.
               - Communicate with all coaches.
e. Relate pertinent information obtained at the League meetings to WJAA/Coaches.
                  - Such as rule changes, coaches meetings, clinic dates, tournament information, or other information as directed by League.
                  - Hand down any enforcement of action by the league on any player, coach, and spectator
f. Arrange for Team Managers/ Coaches if necessary to have a team.
g. Set date for Field Set-up/Clean Up and Tear down with coaches attending and helping.
h. Practice Times
                  - Baseball/Softball work with Coaches & Field scheduler
                  - Soccer/Basketball set day/times.
                  - Take Care of Sign-Ups for sport.
i. See Section B. Duties of Officers 3. Secretary b.; for sign-up flyers, etc.
j. Set electronic sign up dates for your sport.
k. Place players on appropriate team.
l.  Keep inventory of necessary equipment for coaches & sport, to be reported to the Vice       President.
m. Will carry out Appointed Position duties if not filled.
n. See Section D. Appointed Positions for more details. Classified - Confidential
o. Appoint necessary help to fill Appointed Positions
p. Communicate with Appointed Positions to keep sport running smoothly.
q. VP of each sport appoints team managers/ coaches.
r. District Rep will set CONCESSION DUTY and give list to VP of Concessions.
s. Respond to complaints. If necessary, get with Vice President if Grievance Committee is needed.
t. Follow all other duties/rules listed by the District. See District rule book for these guidelines.
u. Work with Treasurer to distribute all umpire/referee fees, for home games only, to each coach prior to season beginning.


a. Discipline/Grievance Committee –
                  - The discipline/ grievance committee will consist of 7 board members chosen by the Vice President. If a grievance/discipline is over a particular sport, that sport's rep cannot participate in the committee. The Vice President will chair the committee and will only vote in the event of a tie.
b. Shall include District Rep of Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Soccer and 2 alternate adult members. (Vice President Considered 8th member for deciding vote in case of a tie).
c. No member personally involved in a grievance may take part in making decision on said grievance.
d. All decisions are final.
                  - Will resolve all disputes within the W.J.A.A. and report decisions to the membership in a timely manner.
               - Shall be responsible for investigating reported acts of misconduct by board members, players, coaches, or spectators.
e. Such acts may include, but not limited to: Violent conduct, abusive language, or repeated acts of unsporting conduct.
f. Budget Committee –
                  - Will consist of the Executive Committee.

- Prepare Budget Classified - Confidential

- Including checking on quotes for but not limited to Garbage, Insurance, etc.

8. APPOINTED POSITIONS: Effective 7/06

                  a. Will be responsible for the general up keep of fields and field maintenance equipment.
                  b. For Baseball/Softball - Will drag all fields necessary to make them playable for games.
                  c. For Soccer - Will Line all fields weekly, secure nets and check fields for rocks, etc.
                  d. Will mow fields, unless approved by Association to hire somebody to Mow Complex.
                  e. Will be responsible to flag the fields after determining whether fields can be played and practiced on.
1. Will contact Field Scheduler in this matter.
2. Will contact Head of Concession in this matter.


                  a. Will be responsible for certifying all umpires/referees through the appropriate league guidelines & restrictions.
1. Seeing that all umpires/referees are properly trained by District clinics and by supervision.
2. Track any fees associated with any clinics/classes.
                  b. Prepare a list of all existing and potential referees/umpires and give notice of clinic and test dates.
                  c. Should try to attend all referee/umpire clinics.
                  d. Correspond with Vice President of necessary referee/umpire equipment that WJAA provides.
1. Inform the Referees/Umpires of necessary equipment they need.
                  e. Will be responsible for scheduling/assigning all umpires for Baseball / Softball and Refs for Basketball / Soccer. Classified - Confidential
1. Correspond with District Rep of Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Soccer to receive schedule to be able to schedule necessary games.             f. Will contact Umpires/Referees of any cancellations/reschedules/rainouts.
1. Will be in charge of rescheduling any umpires due to cancellations or rescheduled games
                  g. Removed h. See also F. Officials.


                  a. Will be responsible for the upkeep of the field schedule both online & in the shed.
                  b. Will update any scheduling due to Rescheduled/Make-up games.
                  c. Will get with Head of Referees/Umpires to make of aware of any reschedules games.
                  d. Will contact coaches due to any cancellations, etc.
                  e. Coaches must contact Field Scheduler to keep updated.

4. MANAGERS & COACHES: (remember this is a privilege!)

                  a. Coaches will be selected from available personnel by the Vice President in charge of the sport. The President of the organization may help as well.
                  b. All Head Coaches at the beginning of their season will receive a copy of the WJAA by-laws, Coaches Conduct Agreement and       are required to complete a full background check at their expense. The background check will be good for 3 years unless                otherwise requested by the board. (See District Rep to receive)
                  c. In the case that an Asst Coach leaves a team and/or a new Asst Coach is needed for an existing team, the Asst. Coach must be                   chosen from one of the existing team member(s) parents from that team.
1. Especially in the case of two teams in the same age group. An Asst Coach can NOT be chosen from the other team to allow Coach/player to switch teams without going through the grievance committee.
                  d. May have the option of moving up with their team from year to year.
                  e. If an issue arises with a manager/coach needing to step down from his/her position and the Vice President of that sport and the Coach can not come to an agreement. It will go through the Discipline/Grievance Committee. Classified - Confidential
                  f. If the League in which the sport attends wants a coach removed it will be looked at by the Vice President of that sport and taken     care of. If there is no agreement it will go through the Discipline/Grievance Committee and the Vice President will report the              decision back to the League.
                  g. ALL MANAGERS/COACHES must participate in a fundraiser put on by W.J.A.A.
                  h. Will NOT hit, shake or touch in an unfriendly manner any player. This will result in losing position of manager/coach.
                  i. Will NOT use abusive or profane language during any W.J.A.A. activity. This could result in losing position of manager/coach.
                  j. Will attend personally, or send a representative of the team to the W.J.A.A. m
                  k. Will abide all other W.J.A.A. & District rules.
                  l. Manager/Coaches up to 3 will receive a large drink at the end of each game only when team drinks are purchased.
                  m. In the case of a game being cancelled (rainouts, etc); Coaches MUST contact Field Scheduler and Head of Umpires.
                  n. See also M. Team Selection and Player Placement.
                  o. Will follow all other rules handed down by District Rep and/or League.


                  a. Will take care of all WJAA sanctioned Fundraisers.
                  b. Will bring to meeting(s) any ideal(s) to be voted on.
                  c. Events would include but not limited to Haunted Woods and helping with Tournaments and Kids Day (if held).

E. RULES: Classified - Confidential

1. Baseball:
                  a. Will abide by Clermont County Knothole Association rules, National League rules and Greater Cincinnati rules.
                  b. Any player release issued by W.J.A.A. for baseball will go into the Clermont County Knothole pool unless a specific franchise
                  release is approved by the W.J.A.A. Grievance Committee. Approved 5/25/04
                  c. There is a maximum of 13 players allowed per team. Existing teams with more will be required to keep the number of players already on the existing roster.
                  d. Baseball Officials See Section F. Officials.

2. Softball:
                  a. Will abide by the League rules in which they play.
                  b. Maximum 14 girls per team in lower divisions (10U and under), 13 girls per team in upper divisions (12U and older).
                  c. Softball Officials See Section F. Officials.

3. Soccer will abide by the League rules in which they play.

4. Basketball will abide by the League rules in which they play.
                  a. There is a maximum of 11 players allowed per team. If there are 12 or more players then the team will be split into two teams. If    there are enough players for 2 teams at the 4th grade level or below, the teams will be divided by a random draw. Each team is      allowed a head coach and an assistant coach and their child is automatically on the team. In the event there is enough for two               teams in the 5th and 6th grade levels, the teams can be evaluated into an “A” and a “B” team. The evaluation process will be run            by the MS/HS coaches or a committee voted on by the board. No parents or relative of any child can be part of the committee.       Approved 06/24/2014
                  b. In the event there is an “A” and a “B” team, the league in which they play will be determined by the VP of basketball. Approved                   6/24/2014
                  c. Teams are divided by grade and a player must play within their grade.

5. Cheerleading will abide by the League rules in which they play.

6. Competition Cheer
                  a.      Team Rosters can not exceed 12 cheerleaders. Must have at least 8 cheerleaders to create a squad.
                  b.      Cheerleaders will be rostered according to the grade they are currently in.
                  c.      Each squad will have one head coach and up to two assistant coaches.
                  d.      Head coaches will be required to fill out applications. Applications will be reviewed by the WJAA Board if a discrepancy arises.
                  e.      WJAA will provide one head coach and one assistant coach a shirt up to $25.
                  f.      Uniforms will consist of a midriff, shell, skirt, spanx, bow, white shoes, low cut white socks, and a required warm up jacket. Uniform will be the same as recreational cheer.
                  g.      Uniforms will be purchased at registration.
                  h.      Practices will be closed.
                  i.      Parents and cheerleaders must sign a code of conduct before the first team event.
                  j.   Any equipment (poms, signs, megaphones, mats, etc) will be turned in at the end of the season to the VP of Cheer.
                  k.   Each team will cheer at least two basketball games.
                  l.   Competition cheer will not offer a family discount at registration.
                  m.   WJAA will pay for one competition per squad up to $100
                  n.   Head coaches will need to complete a background check and NAYS. Assistant coaches and team moms will need background checks.
                  o.   Competition cheer will abide by all other WJAA Bylaws.
7. Recreational Cheer
                  a.      Team rosters cannot exceed 12 cheerleaders.
                  b.      Cheerleaders can move up an age group at the discretion of the VP of Cheer.
                  c.      Uniforms will be purchased at registration.
                  d.      Uniforms consist of a midriff, shell, skirt, spanx, bow, white shoes, and low cut white socks. Uniform will be the same as competition uniform.
                  e.      Warm up jacket is optional.
                  f.      Cheerleaders will cheer at all home basketball games.
                  g.      Any equipment (poms, signs, megaphones, mats, etc) will be turned in at the end of the season to the VP of Cheer.
                  h.      Head coaches will need background checks and NAYS. Assistant coaches and team moms will need to complete a background check.
                  i.      Each team will be assigned gym duty responsibilities during the season. This will be the responsibility of the parents and coaches.
                  j.      Recreational Cheer will abide by all other WJAA Bylaws.
8.  Wrestling will abide by the League rules in which they play.
9. W.J.A.A. By-Laws will rule unless in direct conflict with any league rules.


1. Baseball: Classified - Confidential
                  a. Baseball umpires will be paid according to the yearly approved pay scale set forth by WJAA. 
                  b. Baseball will abide by league rules governing umpires ages.
                  c. Baseball will use adult umpires for all A and B Sr. games when available.
                  d. All umpires must correspond with the Head of Umpires.
2. Softball:
                  a. Umpires will be paid according to the yearly approved pay scale set forth by the league in which they play.
                  b. Softball umpires will be assigned per the following guidelines:
                                    I. One umpire will be assigned for each league game for all ages. Umpires will abide by league rules.
3. The following guidelines will be followed when paying an umpire:
                  a. Full pay for any game started but suspended for any reason.
                  b. Full pay for completion of a game suspended on a previous day.
                  c. Half pay for any game called for rain prior to the start as long as the umpire was not notified on the cancellation ahead of time          and was present.
                  d. Half pay for any game canceled ahead of time and umpire was not notified.
                  e. Full pay for a forfeit.
                  f. Full Home plate pay + ½ of the Field pay only if two umpires were scheduled for the game and only 1 shows up. For Baseball           only. Effective 4/26/05
                  g. An umpire can only receive pay twice in one day if they actually umpire twice in the same day. Cannot receive pay for forfeit or       cancellation and then umpire another game in same time slot and receive pay again. (Example: 2 games scheduled for 10 a.m.    Sat, etc.) - Exception: Received pay, for forfeit or Classified - Confidential cancellation at scheduled time (10 a.m. on Sat.) then               umpired a later game (4 p.m. on same Sat.)
4. Umpire/Referee will receive a large drink free at the end of each game umpired. Umpires and referees are not authorized to enter the concession at any time.
5. Soccer officials will be paid according to the yearly approved pay scale set forth by the league in which they play.
                  a. Soccer will assign officials per league rules.
                  b. Guidelines for paying a soccer official will abide with league rules.
                  c. Soccer officials will place corner flags before the game and put them up after the game.
6. Basketball officials will be paid according to the yearly approved pay scale set forth by the league in which it plays.
                  a. Basketball will assign officials per league rules.
                  b. All officials must be a minimal of 15 years old to referee any WJAA Basketball games and must abide by league rules. Effective     11/05
7. Any official may work in a game in lower division but may not work up.
8. In the event a game is suspended, the officials working the game at the time of suspension will be scheduled to officiate the game when resumed. If an official is unavailable, then a replacement will be scheduled per normal scheduling practices as outlined in these By-Laws. Head of Umpires will be in charge of this.

G. Fundraisers:

1. Individual fundraisers (example: car wash) using W.J.A.A. name will be allowed only when the following guidelines are followed:
2. Uniforms purchased from such fundraisers will be purchased according to the Uniform guidelines set forth.
3. All  money earned will be deposited into team account.


1. Uniforms consist of a jersey and pants or shorts, hats, socks, belt, etc. when applicable.
2. Players must wear their W.J.A.A. issued uniform at all games at which they are representing the W.J.A.A. NO Substitute uniform permitted.
3. All registration fees must be paid before a player should receive a uniform.
4. Vice President is responsible for coordinating uniform orders with sports reps and vendor.
5. Primary Colors have to be royal blue & white.
6. There can be personalized uniforms (last names, etc.) with a parent’s signature allowing it (form with signature must be giving to the Executive Vice President to be OK'd).
7. W.J.A.A. will supply up to 2 manager/coach shirts or hats.


1. Each team is responsible for the care and use of the equipment provided to them by the W.J.A.A.
2. All equipment is to be collected and kept by the manager at the end of each season.
3. Baseball/Softball is supplied with the following: Equipment Bag, Practice/Game Balls, Catcher’s Equipment, a couple batting helmets and a bat worth up to $35. This is taken out of General Stock before any new is purchased.
                  a. Catchers will wear face mask with a throat protector, chest protector and a protective hood.
4. Soccer is supplied with the following: Equipment Bag, Cones, Pennies, & Practice/Game Balls. Classified - Confidential
5. Basketball is supplied with the following: Equipment Bag, Pennies & Practice/Game Balls.
6. A First Aid Kit will be available in the Concession and Equipment Barn in case of injury.
7. Upon the completion of the final game in the year in all WJAA sports, the coach will/must surrender all WJAA equipment with in 2 weeks of the last game or the coach will be billed for the replacement cost. Effective 1/25/05


1. Fees for each sport will be determined annually
2.  All fees will be collected through website and reported by the treasurer.
3. Multi-child discounts will be offered for multiple children from the same household for same season sports.
6. Refund Policy
                  a. After the season has started (1st practice) $10 of the fee will be NONREFUNDABLE; unless the reason for not playing is because of           no team available.
                  b. After the season has started and no game has been played, the parent must attend the monthly board meeting to discuss their                   circumstance with the District Rep of sport & Treasurer.
                  c. No refunds will be given by telephone messages, coaches, etc. or after child has played any games.
                  d. The parent must attend the appropriate meeting based on the time of their request.
                  e. All refunds will be given back in check form after approval by District Rep. & Treasurer
7. Executive board members, all vice presidents, field scheduler, and the field manager have the opportunity for up to, but no more than two children to play one sport per season for free during the terms of their service. (ADOPTED 10-2015)

K. TOURNAMENT FEES: Classified - Confidential

1. The W.J.A.A. will pay 1 tournament fee for all sports teams.
2. If a team would like to participate in a Tournament outside of the league that team is responsible for paying for it themselves.



1. Only the Head Coach and 1 Asst Coaches daughter/son is placed on the team.
2. Asst coaches/players must follow the rules under F. Managers & Coaches.
3. Players will be placed on a team in their age group in accordance with existing league rules.
4. No player will move up in age group as long as there is room on the team(s) within their own age group. Unless specific reasons are given which then can be determined by the Vice President of that sport in accordance with league rules.
5. Once a player is placed on a team, they will remain on that team throughout the season and in future seasons without risk of being displaced by new players.
6. All players must sign up each year by the cutoff/deadline date to be protected under rule #5.
7. New players signing up will be placed on an existing team in their age group providing there is room on that team and in accordance with league rules.
8. Two teams in the same age bracket:
                  a. The team with fewer players will get any new players until team equals that of the other team.
                  b. If both teams are at the same number then new players will be randomly drawn. The 1st player drawn will be placed on a team       by flipping of coin by VP of the Sport.
                  c. If a team falls below the minimum number needed to play the following will take place in this order: Classified - Confidential
                  a. The teams will be combined as long as it does not go over the maximum allowed per team unless coach and district rep OKs           per league rules.
                  b. If over maximum, then volunteers will be asked first to leave the full team and switch to fill the roster to make enough to play on     the other team.
                  c. If no volunteers, the Vice President of the Sport cannot resolve the issue, it will be resolved by the grievance committee.
9. In the event that there are more new players signed up than there is room on a team as allowed by league rules, the President and/or Vice President in charge of the sport will randomly select the players to be placed on team(s).
10. A player signing up who was on the roster but quit during the previous season or has played in the past but sat out the previous season, will be considered a new player and be placed on a team in accordance with rule #6.
11. A player who was on the roster the previous season but was unable to play part or all of the season due to injury or illness is considered part of that team and will remain with that team as designated in rule #4.
12. No player may change teams during the season or between seasons unless approved by the grievance committee. Valid reasons must be given. Grievance committee decisions are final.
13. Players/Parents may not choose teams.
14. Coaches may not solicit players from other teams.


1. Minimum playing time requirements for baseball are as follows:
                  a. All Age Divisions must bat all players in accordance with the all batter-batting rule. Each player must play at least two (2) full            innings in the field in each game.
                  b. Must follow all other league rules.
2. Minimum playing time requirements for Softball are as follows: a. All age Divisions must play each player at least two (2) full innings in the field in each game.
                  b. Must follow league rules with batting options.
                  c. Must follow all other league rules. Classified - Confidential
3. Minimum playing time requirements for Soccer are to follow league rules.
4. Minimum playing time requirements for Basketball are as follows:
                  a. Each player must play at least one quarter regardless of opposing team numbers.
                  b. Must follow all other league rules.
5. A Manager/Coach must notify the Vice President of that sport if they intend to hold a player out of a game for any disciplinary reasons including but not limited to missing practice.


1. Field assignments for regularly scheduled games are made by the Appointed Field Scheduler.
2. Managers/Coaches are responsible for contacting the Appointed Field Scheduler & Head of Umpires to reserve a field for all make-up games for Baseball/Softball. Basketball and Soccer please follow League Rules for Rescheduling games.
3. Vice President of Sport if one is not appointed will determine field assignments when conflicting game schedules occur.
4. Practice for Baseball/Softball is scheduled by each coach. You can schedule no more then two (2) practices in a 1-week time frame. Weekends are first come first serve.
5. In case of any problem/issues that may arise with the field/property and so that WJAA knows who to contact, you must list your name on the schedule any time you use the field(s) for any reason.
6. Practice for Soccer and Basketball is assigned by the Vice President of the Sport.
7. If a field cannot be played on, a red flag will be placed on the field. See Rule Section D #5.
8. Any Manager/Coach practicing on a field after it has been red flagged will lose one (1) week of practice time for the first offense and may be dismissed for the second.
9. Practice fields must be scheduled on the calendar posted in the equipment barn, INCLUDING WEEKENDS.
10. You cannot schedule a field more than one (1) week in advance. Pertains to Baseball/Softball only. Classified - Confidential
11. If you cancel a scheduled practice or game, you take your name off the schedule or lose on week of practice.
12. If a makeup game is scheduled on a field previously scheduled for practice, the manager/coach scheduling the makeup game must notify the manager they are bumping.


1. Grievance committee will rule on all violations if not solved by the District Rep of that sport. Decisions are final.
2. ANYONE using or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, using abusive, profane language or harassment, hitting, shaking or touch in an unfriendly manner during any W.J.A.A. function-involving children will not be allowed on the premises of any W.J.A.A. sponsored event. Any violation may result in a disciplinary action including but not limited to suspension, being barred temporarily or permanently from further participation in functions on the premises used for W.J.A.A. functions.
3. W.J.A.A. has a ZERO tolerance with physical contact at any W.J.A.A. function-involving children and will result in barred temporarily or permanent from any further participation in W.J.A.A. functions.
4. If a child is expelled from school, they cannot participate in basketball practice until they return to school.
5. No outside teams or organizations may use the W.J.A.A. facilities without prior permission from the President.
6. All practices must be scheduled for the full team.
7. Tobacco use is prohibited on the fields.
8. Each coach must have a medical release present at each game for all players present at the game.
9. A representative from each team must be present at each scheduled workday for the concession or forfeit 2 weeks of practice.
10. No new item(s) except everyday item expenses will be purchased by the WJAA without a prior authorization through the organization which must be voted on at a sanctioned WJAA meeting. In case of emergency situation(s) where a decision must be made between meetings, it will be decided by the Executive Board members, which consist of Majority votes, by all positions voted in. Effective 11/05 Classified - Confidential a. All Checks written will have dual signature lines signed by the Treasurer and President of the WJAA.
11. Managers/Coaches are responsible for cleaning field, around both benches after their games/practices.
12. All Managers/Coaches and parents are responsible for working in the concession stand during their scheduled time(s).


1. Any changes must be presented as a proposal first then the next month will be voted on for approval/disapproval by all members.


(For a COACH's Copy, Please see your District Rep)
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W.J.A.A. Williamsburg Junior Athletic Association
3759 Old State Route 32 
Williamsburg, Ohio 45176

Email: [email protected]

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